Halloween 2016

Please scroll down this page for Pictures.

Here are some videos from 2014..... 2016 music videos and of my cemetary props in motion to come...

No One Lives Forever

This Is Halloween

Enter Sandman

Dead Mans Party

Monster Mash

The Devil Went Down to Georgia


Faces singing to Halloween music

Faces singing to Halloween music with red fog lights

Night vision view of house and yard with fog lights

Daytime view of house and yard

The Reaper - Motion activated. Upper body turns towards you as you enter graveyard, eyes glow red and Reaper speaks

to you. Bottom jaw moves while speaking. While standing motionless, he breaths loud and deep.  NOT store bought, I built.

Witch - Stirs the pot while chanting (mouth moves) spells.  Eyes light up, stirring stick stirs, pot glows at night

with fog rolling over edges of the pot. This is NOT store bought, I built.

PumkinHead with 11 of the 16 the Pumpkets

PumpkinHead - Head moves up and down, eyes and mouth light up.  This is Not store bought, I built.

PumpkinHead 2 - Just a mask and coat on a maniquin. Store bought the maniquin, mask and coat.

Hangman - Kicks and jerks legs.  NOT store bought, I built.

Grave Jumper - Motion activated.  Trys to get out of the grave by lifting his upper body and thrashing back and forth.

While thrashing like crazy, he tells you how much he wants to eat your brains. NOT store bought, I built.

Grave Digger - Motion activated. Lifts his head, eyes light up and tells you about the graveyard, while lifting his arm and

pointing to it.  Mouth moves while speaking. Store bought, but modified over the past few years.

Ghost - Static prop.  It use to move around while upper torso glowed. Store bought.

Electric Chair - Motion activated.  Red beacon light turns on when motion is detected.  Prisoner begins to get

electricuted.  The torso and head slams back and forth, lifting his legs while electicity noise is heard in background.

NOT store bought, I built.

Mummy - Motion activated.  When motion is sensed, the Mummy sits up real fast, eyes glow red and the snake

in its mouth lunges out and hisses at you.  NOT store bought, I built.

Monster in Box (MIB) - Motion activated.  Growling and heavy breathing noises come from the box

until motion activates it.  When activated, the monster inside growls like it is wanting to kill you and wants

out of the box.  The box jumps around as the growling gets louder and louder trying to get out.  Finally,

the monster gives one final loud growl while lifting the box towards you.  Then when all seems calm,

the monster breaks his head through the top of the box and his hands through the front of the box.

This is NOT store bought, I built.