Pictures from the 2015 Setup

Even though I have drawings, diagrams and documention of all sorts on each setup,

it never hurts to have pictures to refer back to.

2 of 4 arches, 2', 4' and 6' Spiral trees, Snoopy, Porch tree, Gutter lights, window lights &


Same as picture above, only with CCR Tree included

18 ' CCR tree - 12 Cosmic Color Ribbons, 12 controllers, cat5 cables, 200' of extension

cords, 6 incandescent stars ( 2 clear, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green 1 Multi), about 100' of 16 guage wire.

Extension and power cords running to controllers on porch

Same as previous picture, only better view of LED snowfake in window and 3 tomato trees

Lights on gutters, around garage, wreaths & LED sign

View from the backside of the Mega Tree - 2 Controllers, 30' of PVC, 700' of Extension Cords,

18' Telescoping flag pole, 16 coat hooks

Back of the house

Back of house rooftop

Santa and his Sleigh are bolted to a wooden bracket I built to straddle the peak of the roof.

Santa is connected by wire to the sleigh. 70 lb sandbags are placed on the wooden bracket

to keep everything from moving during high winds. See Bloopers page for what can happen.

The extension cords are wrapped and zip tied around the wooden brackets. 

4 reindeer on middle wooden bracket. 3 of these reindeer use to be animated.

4 reindeer and Rudy on east side of roof middle wooden bracket.

Rudy is the only of these 5 reindeer that were never animated.

2 Controllers in back of house.  I protect the cords from sharp gutter edges with plastic

hose pieces and then duct tape over the top to keep in place.


5 of the 14 Hose reels I used to organize and store my 1.5 miles of extension cords.

Power and extension cords

Cat 5 cables that daisy chain the controllers, which connect to the laptop, which runs the show.

This area of the house is the highest with the least amount of walls, which makes for a clear

transmission of the music from the transmitter to your vehicle.

East of driveway arches with the 16 Channel, 30 amp controller

Arches on West side of driveway

Good picture with Gutter, Shingle and Arch lights, along with 1 of the 3 LED snowflakes

Window lights with more gutter lights and LED star #2

Window lights contected to the SPT1 wire

View from porch to the West

Front yard view from porch

Pictures of 2013 Display Setup

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